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Bravely Default fans can expect new “developments” about the series “later this year”

Tomorrow marks Bravely Default 2’s third anniversary, and Tomoya Asano has the best gift of all for fans: a tease that the team will be able to tell us more about what’s happening with the franchise “later this year”.


Marking the event with celebratory art posted to X/Twitter, producer Asano thanked fans for their support and teased that we should “keep an eye out” for more “developments” about the Bravely series.

Bravely Default II – Final Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Bravely Default II – Final Trailer – Nintendo Switch.

“[Bravely] Default 2 3rd anniversary celebration!” Asano wrote, as translated by Google. “Many messages will be sent during the year-end and New Year project. Thank you!

“I’m sure we’ll be able to tell you about some developments in the Bravely series this year, so please keep an eye out for it,” Asano added.

Asano also revealed that to mark the anniversary, players can pick up a copy of Bravely Default 2 for 50 per cent off the usual retail price. Right now, though, the UK-facing Switch and Steam stores are currently still selling the game for the full £50, so you may have to wait until the anniversary itself – 26th February – to see the offer reflected in stores.

“It’s a less excitable thing than Bravely Second on the whole, I’m pleased to say, the tone having been ratcheted down a notch or two until it’s more in keeping with the first game, though I can’t say I was ever particularly hooked; it’s a swash of knowing cliches that left me unmoved, the English dub’s attempt to capture some of the varying regional accents commonplace in Dragon Quest falling flat (the Japanese voice acting is thankfully always ready to hand),” Martin wrote when he reviewed Bravely Default 2 upon its release three years ago.

“I should confess, though, that my own attraction to JRPGs typically lies beyond the story and more in the systems, an area in which Bravely Default 2 excels.”


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