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Acclaimed fantasy 4X Endless Legend is currently free to download and keep

Endless Legend, the superb fantasy 4X game from developer Amplitude Studios, is currently free to download and keep on Steam – and there’s still almost a week to claim it.

Amplitude – which has also developed the likes of Endless Space, Dungeons of the Endless, and Humankind – released Endless Legend back in 2014. It quickly drew praise for its fantasy flavoured Civ-style strategy – enlivened by some smart twists on the formula and its highly distinctive factions – mixed with a heavy dollop of lore.


If you’re still a stranger to Endless Legend’s action some ten years after its release, and the above description has set your strategy nubbin a-tingling, you can permanently add it to your Steam library for the princely sum of zero money right now. And don’t panic if you’re currently indisposed: the offer runs until next Thursday, 23rd May.

Endless Legends’ freebie trailer.Watch on YouTube

To coincide with Endless Legends’ 100% price slash, its nine expansions are also heavily discounted, with the priciest currently costing £2.19 and the cheapest slinking in at a svelt 59p.

And if you’d like to check out more of Amplitude’s work, it’s probably also worth noting the studio’s entire catalogue is currently discounted on Steam, meaning substantial savings on everything from Endless Space and Humankind to the more recent Endless Dungeon.


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