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“There will be changes” to Xbox Game Pass when Call of Duty is added, says industry insider

“There will be changes” to Xbox Game Pass once Microsoft adds its newly acquired flagship Call of Duty franchise to its subscription services.

That’s according to industry insider shinobi602, who recently suggested that changes were coming in a thread on Resetera.

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When poster biglo25 posited

that Microsoft would “for sure” add a “new fee” and “reorganise the tiers to be [a] less confusing mess than it is now” – especially in light of plans to append this year’s Call of Duty release to Game Pass – Shinobi062 responded quickly to agree, saying: “There will be changes, yes”.

Despite being pressed by other posters, though, shinobi602 wouldn’t be drawn on what, exactly, the changes could be, but as Tom reported for us earlier this week, the key questions now are whether Xbox Game Pass remains at its current price point, or whether Call of Duty might only be included in a as yet unannounced pricier tier.

While Xbox has always brought new first-party games to Xbox Game Pass on day one, and Activision Blizzard is now a Microsoft first-party publisher following the completion of its $68.7bn takeover, there had still been a question mark over whether Call of Duty would be included.

This year’s Call of Duty remains unannounced, though is widely expected to be a fresh Black Ops entry set in the early 1990s during the Gulf War. Microsoft will detail more about the game next month, dedicating an entire hour to it following its main Xbox Showcase event on 9th June.


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