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Palworld has clocked up 2m players in just 24 hours

Yesterday, we learned Palworld had already sold a staggering 1m copies just hours into its early access launch on Steam and Xbox Series X/S. And now, just a few hours later, it’s topped over two million sales.

Developer Pocketpair took to social media earlier today to reveal the latest milestone for the “Pokémon with guns” survival game, which released as an early access title yesterday (19th January).

PALWORLD Early Access Review: Is It Worth It?

The team revealed the milestone in a message posted to X/Twitter and thanked everyone for playing.

It’s been breaking concurrent records, too. This morning, it placed eleventh on Steam’s chart of most concurrent players with an all-time peak of 663,320 concurrent players on Steam alone. It now takes tenth place with 821,606 concurrent players, which is more than the all-time peaks of big hitters like Apex Legends, viral hit Among Us, and Valheim.

Earlier today, the team explained on social media that as Palworld exceeded 700,000 concurrent players, it had to hold “an emergency meeting” with Epic Games to “add an update to the Epic Games backend”.

“Palworld is a fantastic base builder, base defence, and collection game,” Zoe said in our video review, which you can see in the video embedded above. “And as long as you’re not expecting more than that, you’re bound to have a great time with it.

“It’s not perfect, but all of those things kind of fade into the background once I’m in [the game].”


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