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West Weald awaits in The Elder Scrolls Online’s Gold Road expansion

As The Elder Scrolls Online thunders toward its 10th anniversary this April, Zenimax Online Studios has whipped back the sheet to reveal the fantasy MMO’s latest expansion chapter, Gold Road, which launches for PC and Mac on 3rd June with a PlayStation and Xbox release to follow a few weeks’ later on 18th June.

Gold Road gives players the opportunity to explore the bountiful region of West Weald (split into temperate, woodland, and highland zones) as well as the city of Skingrad, first seen in the The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Unfortunately, the region has now been “beset by Daedric incursions and the encroaching jungles of Valenwood”, meaning there’s heroing to be done.


As players journey across West Weald, they’ll encounter new quests, challenges, rewards, and stories, with Gold Road’s new main storyline – said to offer around 30 hours of quest content – focusing on Daedric prince Ithelia, and the chaos their followers may bring to Tamriel.

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A cinematic trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online’s Gold Road expansion.Watch on YouTube

There’s a new world event in the form of Mirrormoor Incursions, which will see players attempting to hold back waves of Daedric invaders before they can get a foothold in West Weald, and Gold Road also opens up access to Fargrave’s Lucent Citadel.

This long-forgotten Daedric vault serves as the home to an all-new 12-player PvE Trial – which comes complete with its own monsters, boss encounters, rewards, and leaderboards to climb – with the expansion’s other major features being Skill Styling (essentially enabling adventurers to customise the visuals of their abilities) and Scribing.

“Scribing introduces Grimoires, which are new types of skills for your existing skill lines,” Zenimax Online Studios explains over on the ESO website. “You can customise these Grimoires beyond their basic functions, transforming them into exactly what you want on your action bar.”

Elder Scrolls Online players eager to jump into Gold Road can, as a reminder, do so on PC and Mac from 3rd June with a console version arriving a little later on 18th June.


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