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Watch the moment Peanut Butter becomes the first dog speedrunner in AGDQ 2024

Yesterday, Shiba Inu Peanut Butter became the first dog to speedrun a game during Awesome Games Done Quick.

The fundraising event is currently underway, having begun on Sunday. As previously reported, streamer JSR_’s pet dog Peanut Butter was scheduled to be the first pet, and the first dog, to complete a speedrun for AGDQ.

Peanut Butter speedran Gyromite, a puzzle platformer released on the NES, in 26 minutes and 24 seconds, which is around a minute slower than his own world record, but well within the 30 minute slot he’d been allocated. Frankly, every Peanut Butter run is a PB record.

The first trailer JSR_ made for Peanut Butter’s AGDQ debut.

If you want to see Peanut Butter’s entire speedrun of Gyromite, you can find it on AGDQ’s Twitch channel. The moment Peanut Butter crosses the finish line has been clipped, and I’m very glad to see he got cheese and belly rubs from JSR_ once he beat the game.

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Hopefully this paves the way for more pet/dog-led speedruns, not just for the novelty but to see adorable dogs being very good boys and girls. I wonder how many Dreamies I’d need to train my gran’s cat Rhubarb to play Crash Bandicoot…


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