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Stellaris’ “cybernetic, synthetic” The Machine Age expansion announced

Paradox Interactive has unveiled The Machine Age, the next major expansion for its space-faring 4X strategy game Stellaris, which will focus on “cybernetic, synthetic, and machine themes” when it launches for PC in the second quarter of 2024.


“Scientists have discovered advanced means to commune with the machine, enabling life to overcome the biological limitations of minds and flesh,” explains Paradox. “The Machine Age begins a time of technical glory, but raises new ethical and social dilemmas. With those times of unleashed ambition, new threats will emerge, questioning the real meaning of life itself.”

And with that bit of scene-setting out the way, Paradox gets onto some of The Machine Age’s new features, which include a new Endgame Crisis, based around the return of an ancient synthetic threat, alongside a new Crisis Path focused on technological ascendancy at any cost.

Welcome to the Machine Age! | Stellaris DLC Announcement

Stellaris’s The Machine Age announcement trailer.

Both those arrive alongside the introduction of non-Gestalt, individualist machine empires, which can have individual personalities, and bring new stories and origins. Paradox is also promising three new Machine Ascension Paths for further customisation.

Elsewhere, The Machine Age introduces three new origins: there’s Cybernetic Creed, if you’d like an empire that worships the holy fusion of the body and cybernetics; Synthetic Fertility, for an empire left unable to reproduce biologically following a novel genetic disease, and Arc Welders, a robotic society starved of space that turns to the stars for resources.

Additionally, The Machine Age includes new reactive portraits, six new Civics – Guided Sapience, Natural Design, Obsessional Directive, Protocol Droids, Tactical Cogitators, and Augmentation Bazaars (this one requires the Megacorp expansion) – new population traits, and two new mid-game structures: the molten Arc Furnace and powerful Dyson Swarm. Oh, and it features seven synth-y new music tracks too.

Stellaris’ The Machine Age expansion will be accompanied by the free Andromeda update when it arrives on PC sometime in Q2 this year.


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