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The Sims 4 castle-building DLC looks to be imminent eight months after winning community vote

Cast your mind back to May last year and you might remember EA canvassing The Sims 4 players to see if they’d prefer to see the game receive a Medieval Castle or High Tech Futurism themed building pack at some nebulous future point. Well, Medieval Castle (wrongly) won the vote, and some eight months later it looks like the DLC is ready for an imminent release.

That’s according to a presumably premature reveal on the EA App (thanks SimsCommunity), which provides full details and screenshots of the The Sims 4 Castle Estate Kit, as the new DLC is officially known. It also offers up a release date of 15th October, 2099 – which is almost definitely a placeholder, unless EA really is in it for the long haul where The Sims 4 is concerned.


Weird date aside, everything else in the listing looks accurate. Alongside two screenshots featuring the new DLC pack’s various building bits in action, we get some blurb explaining the Castle Estate Kit will enable The Sims 4 players to “capture the classic grandeur of a castle”.

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The Sims 4’s latest large-scale expansion, For Rent, arrived in December.Watch on YouTube

To that end, the DLC promises building elements including stone walls, leaded glass, stained glass, gothic arches, stackable ornate windows, grand staircases, a large portcullis gate, parapets, arrow slits, a gargoyle, and more. Expect all this to cost the usual Kit DLC price of £4.99 when it releases 75 years from now (or sooner).

A screenshot from The Sims 4's Castle Estate Kit pack showing two Sims stood on the balcony of their lavish estate, deep in conversation.
One of to Castle Estate screenshots that appeared on the EA App. | Image credit: EA

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before EA is ready to provide those missing details and make the whole thing official, at which point we can immediately start pondering when The Sims 4’s Goth Fashion Kit – which (rightly this time) won out over Rainbow Core in the wearables vote held alongside the castle poll – might get around to releasing.


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