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Persona 1 and 2 are getting remakes, leaker suggests

Persona 1 and 2 are getting remakes.

That’s according to industry insider Midori, who has said that alongside a possible Persona 4 remake, developer Atlus is also looking to bring the first two games to modern consoles for the first time, too.

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Responding to a post on Twitter/X, Midori agreed with another poster that developer Atlus likely already knows how excited fans would be about a remake of Persona 1 and Persona 2, not least because she believes plans to remaster these particular games are already in place.


When someone suggested that it wasn’t necessarily a “hot take” to say that “Persona 1 and 2 need a remake more than 4”, Midori concurred, stating, “Yes, P1 and P2 are going to receive remakes too”.

Whether these will be in the form of from-the-ground-up remakes or remastering remains uncertain, though. Pressed for clarification about whether she meant remake or remaster, Miodri stepped in to say: “to be safe, I will call it updated form for right now”, intimating that the projects may only be in their early stages.

A leaker of notable success, Midori has correctly and accurately revealed information early about many of Sega’s properties before. Last month, Midori also alleged that Persona 6 will be coming to “multiple platforms”, including Xbox and Switch / Switch 2 (thanks, The Gamer).

Next up from Atlus will be Metaphor: ReFantazio later this year, which moves Persona’s social gameplay into a high-fantasy setting.


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