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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League overhauls leaderboard due to “major unintended bug”

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is getting a new leaderboard thanks to a “major unintended bug” which caused the Burn status to scale incorrectly.

Rocksteady became aware of the bug when players began reaching Mastery Levels during the postgame “beyond our wildest expectations”, the developer said on the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Discord server.

“As Mastery levels increased, Burn’s damage also increased,” Rocksteady explained, adding th is was not “what the game was balanced for at launch”. The developer is fixing the scaling bug, it said, and once the fix is in place a new leaderboard will begin.


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It’s unclear when this update will be released, beyond a “soon” from Rocksteady community manager Darroch Brown.

Rocksteady said the current leaderboard won’t be wiped, it’ll be left to “exist in perpetuity” and players will be able to flip back to it to see their old achievements. Unlocked Mastery Levels, Finite Crisis rank, acquired gear, and Squad Levels won’t be reset either.

“We want to applaud you all for both your dedication on getting this high in the Mastery Levels (and also breaking the game),” Rocksteady said to players.

Dedicated players have discovered a calendar Easter egg which seemingly teases Batman’s return following the plot events of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League so far.

The launch of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was rocky – players found the story had automatically completed when they first logged in, and its early access period for those who bought the £100 Deluxe Edition was taken offline multiple times.

In our Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League review, Chris Tapsell called it a “totally fascinating game, one with vast potential and reams of signature Rocksteady detail” without a “central, underlying game”.


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