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Starfield has “something big going on behind the scenes”

“Something big is going on behind the scenes” at Starfield.

That’s according to players who have been poking around in Steam’s backend. By monitoring the updates made to the Steam files via SteamDB, some players claim that Bethesda has made more changes in May than March and April combined.

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“It’s pointless trying to decipher the changelogs on Steamdb, but one thing is certain from experience: when there are a lot of changes, something big is coming,” opined u/JarusinTheStars (thanks, TheGamer).

“And over the past week (and more generally since May 1st), there have been more changes than ever since launch, sometimes more than 10 per day. For example, there were around 50-60 changes between the February and March updates. And around 100 between the March and May updates.


We’ve almost surpassed that figure in less than a month.”

Something big is going on behind the scenes: there are more changelog changes than ever before since launch.
byu/JarusinTheStars inStarfield

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Consequently, this player believes that on the day of the Xbox Showcase – 9th June – Bethesda will present the Shattered Space expansion as well as the June update, and they reckon it’ll be “even bigger than the last one”.

Whilst there’s no doubt that the Reddit user is right about the number and frequency of recent SteamDB updates, the rest is – naturally – only conjecture at this point. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait too long for an update that proves JarusinTheStars’ theory either way; the Xbox Showcase is just next week.

Starfield’s May update – yes, the one that was teased by Bethesa’s Todd Howard – is now live, bringing with it the previously promised surface map overhaul, alongside a new 60fps target mode on Xbox Series X. Additionally, Bethesda has shared a brief look at land vehicles, coming to Starfield in a future update.

As Matt summarised for us at the time, Todd Howard, played down the absence of land vehicles prior to Starfield’s launch, insisting it was a deliberate design decision that allowed the studio to “make it an experience where we know how fast [players are] seeing things.” But last December, Bethesda teased that “new ways of travelling” were on Starfield’s Horizon.


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