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Sony quietly blocks controversial Cronus Zen device from connecting to PS5 consoles


Sony has quietly blocked the Cronus Zen from connecting to PS5 consoles via its latest firmware update, a device which lets players use, or modify, “any supported controller” on Sony’s console.

Whilst Sony rolled out the change without explicitly acknowledging the change, Cronus Zen users soon noticed their devices were being disconnected following the PS5 update earlier this week, prompting Cronus to issue a statement to players affected by the change.

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The developer behind Cronus Zen describes the device as one that allows players to connect “any supported controller, mouse, keyboard or racing wheel, to any major gaming console platform”, offering an advanced scripting engine “that allows you to run powerful macros”.

However, the device has courted considerable controversy, most notably when playing online shooters like Call of Duty.

“We’re aware of an issue with Zen and the PS5,” the team said. “As of Jan 24, the console is prompting everyone to update to Version: 24.01-08.60.00, and if you do, Zen will no longer connect to the PS5 without disconnecting.

“However, this update is NOT mandatory!” the team says. “Simply skip it, and everything should still work with the Zen 2.2.2 update as expected.”

As the company says it didn’t know the update was coming, it doesn’t know when it’ll be able to “fix” it, either, and warns players who make use of the device “it could be 24hrs, 24 days, 24 months”.

Consequently, Cronus suggests players who do use the advice avoid applying the update until a fix has been found, or use its “remote play workaround”. It says it’ll keep updating the statement as and when it has more information.


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