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Metallica headlines Fortnite, as it introduces a new music-themed battle mode and fresh concert

The next musical stars to join Fortnite are Metallica, via an all-encompassing arrival set to land across the game’s various modes.

Most obviously, Metallica will headline the game’s next Fortnite Festival season – the Rock Band-esque mode made by Harmonix. Not only will Metallica’s four members be unlockable as skins in the mode’s next Festival Pass, but tomorrow’s game update notably adds a new competitive way to play Festival: Battle Stage.

Here, 16 players face off against each other via a song chosen at random, with your Overdrive operating as an attack power to take other players down a peg. Or, you can team up with a four-person party of friends and pick specific tunes to fight over.

Metallica joins Fortnite, as the game’s new Battle Stage music mode arrives.Watch on YouTube

Metallica will also feature in what sounds like an old-school Fortnite music concert – it’s been a while! – set to be made available at a range of times over the weekend of 22nd and 23rd June.

This means if you’re busy, or if you want to replay the event, you can log in at 7pm or 10pm UK time on Saturday 22nd, or 4am, 3pm, 7pm or 10pm UK time on Sunday 23rd to watch.

In battle royale, mythic guitar items will be added which look to be a traversal item. “Use one to create a lightning arc in the sky that your squadmates can ride,” Epic Games says. “One your descent, come crashing down to bring the beginning of an enemy’s end.” Each match’s lategame Loot Island will also now rift in with a Metallica look, inspired by the band’s stage on the M72 World Tour.

And finally, there’s a new Rocket Racing track, appropriately themed with volcanic lava. New quests will also offer a Metallica-themed car.

As you’d expect, plenty of Metallica music is coming to the game to buy as Jam Tracks, playable in most modes. As of tomorrow’s update, Jam Tracks can also finally become playable as lobby tunes – which is music to my ears.


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