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Inkulinati headed to PlayStation, Switch, as it leaves early access

Inkulinati will leave early access later this month, on 22nd February, at which point it will become available for the first time on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.


Previously, Inkulinati was only available on PC via Steam Early Access and on Xbox through Game Preview.

“Your support and feedback during the Early Access period have been invaluable to us. Your comments, suggestions, feedback, reviews, and words of encouragement have made Inkulinati a better game. And behind the scenes, we’ve worked really hard on making Inkulinati an engaging and polished experience,” Yaza Games and the teams at Daedalic wrote on Steam.

Inkulinati | 1.0 Release Date Trailer | PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4|5

Inkulinati is getting its full release very soon.

The team said this time in early access has allowed Inkulinati to evolve “into an even better strategy game”. This is all thanks to a variety of things, such as refining gameplay mechanics and an always welcome dose of bug squashing.

“Can’t wait for you all to play the final release in just a few weeks time,” the Inkulinati team closed.

You can take a look at Inkulinati’s 1.0 release date trailer in the video above.

If you are unsure as to what Inkulinati is all about, be sure to check our review, in which we praise the game’s “playfulness and genuine strategic depth”.

“Inkulinati is a confident strategy game, even if that comes at overshooting the balance at times. Its celebration of daft joy, dedicated aesthetic and sense of humour go hand in hand with thoughtful and strategic battles, with neither undermining the other. It’s an achievement to make something that feels so playful without obscuring the tactical work underneath,” Ruth Cassidy wrote in Eurogamer’s Inkulinati early access review.

At this time, Ruth added that even if the developer didn’t expand upon it any more, they would still be as “happy as a clam”.


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