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GTA 6, Kingdom Hearts and more won’t be at Summer Game Fest

Summer Game Fest 2024 takes place this weekend, beginning with Friday’s two hour showcase of announcements.

Of course, speculation always runs rampant ahead of the show as to what will be shown, with Geoff Keighley himself tempering expectati ons in a Twitch livestream


In the stream, Keighley revealed some games that will and won’t make an appearance at Summer Game Fest. He’s also released a trailer for the show (below), though this is simply a “mood piece” that comprises games out this year rather than being a firm indication of what we’ll see.

Summer Game Fest 2024: Geoff’s TrailerWatch on YouTube

So firstly: what won’t be at Summer Game Fest 2024?


Sorry, no new trailer for the biggest game on the horizon. GTA 6‘s release window was recently narrowed to autumn 2025, so a new trailer is still quite a way off.

Hollow Knight Silksong

“I think it’s going to be a while,” said Keighley. Sigh.

Kingdom Hearts 4

Keighley said people expecting this are “setting themselves up for failure”. At least the previous Kingdom Hearts games are arriving on Steam this month.

Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater

Presumably Keighley is allied with Kojima on that one. And he’s got Physint to work on instead.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

“Your guess is as good as mine,” said Keighley. Ubisoft Forward, you’re our only hope.

The Wolf Among Us 2

There were screenshots recently, but don’t expect this to feature.


Nothing on Ken Levine’s next, though he’s already explained the game’s “narrative Lego”.

Def Jam

A random one, but don’t expect grappling rappers this year.

No music act

That’ll be saved for The Game Awards. Instead, this is all about game trailers. That means no flute guy either.

On the flipside, what do we know will definitely be included?

It’s a “lighter year” in terms of AAA releases Keighley said, but there remains excitement around smaller releases. The show will mainly consist of already announced games coming later this year. Still, Keighley is only an 8/10 in excitement, which seems a little mean to even put a number on it for those games with announcements.

We’ll be watching Summer Game Fest live so come join us and check out the site for all the key announcements.


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