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EA rebrands Frostbite as it says teams free to choose other game engines

EA is rebranding its in-house engine Frostbite to reflect its “renewed focus on partnership” with its studios, but also says its teams are “free to develop on any engine they choose”.

Frostbite was originally developed by DICE for use in its Battlefield series, and has since been adopted internally at other studios also owned by its parent company EA.


Historically, the engine was used by BioWare to develop Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem to mixed reception on technical performance. Recently, it was used in this year’s Dead Space remake and EA’s numerous annual sports franchises.

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Frostbite’s new logo is another handprint but “innately human”, EA said in its announcement. It consists of overlapping layers meant to represent the “collaborative relationships transforming Frostbite from within,” EA added.

Despite the improvements made to Frostbite over the years as EA’s studios have continued to use it, the company said its studios can choose other engines for game development. “It’s up to us to make Frostbite the best choice for our games,” it said.

Earlier this year, BioWare veteran John Epler revealed one of Frostbite’s shortcomings during development of Dragon Age Inquisition – horse “sprinting” was an illusion created by adding speed lines. Epler is now creative director on the next game in the series, Dragon Age Dreadwolf, which is also being made in Frostbite.

A full reveal for Dragon Age Dreadwolf will happen in summer 2024, but a short trailer released earlier this month shows off some of the locations we’ll get to explore.


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