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Capcom polls fans on further Dragon’s Dogma 2 DLC

Dragon’s Dogma 2 developer Capcom has begun quizzing fans on what they’d like to see in future DLC for the game.

A public user survey is now available to complete, and asks whether you would be interested in purchasing extra content for Dragon’s Dogma 2 if it was released. A follow-up question then asks what you’d like to see in that future DLC, and how much you might pay for it.


The topic of DLC has been a hot-button issue for Dragon’s Dogma 2, after the game received backlash at launch for an array of paid unlocks to make the experience easier (although all items you can buy can also be found in-game, albeit in more limited amounts).

Eurogamer takes a peek into the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Discussing the survey on reddit, fans suggested they wanted DLC to provide a better Dragon’s Dogma 2 endgame experience, with a lengthier and tougher final area to play around in than the game currently provides.

Other fans suggested DLC to add better interactions between pawns, more enemy variety, and the ability to decorate properties they had acquired.

Fill out the survey yourself and you’ll gain a desktop wallpaper for your smartphone or PC. (This is free, thankfully.)

Nearly a week on from the game’s launch, Dragon’s Dogma 2 still sits with a “mixed” user review rating on Steam – a response heavily influenced by the fact the game offers microtransaction DLC, something only discovered when the game went on sale. Capcom responded to the criticism by telling fans that they could alternatively find the game’s DLC resources just by playing.

“A huge improvement over the original, and a captivating journey from beginning to end,” Lewis Parker wrote of the game ahead of launch, in Eurogamer’s Dragon’s Dogma 2 review.


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