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Discord is letting third-party developers create games to play on its platform

Discord has announced that, starting on 18th March, it’ll be providing third-party developers with the tools to create games and apps that can be embedded and played on its platform.

The move marks an extension of Discord’s Activities initiative that launched last December, offering a limited number of embedded games and interactive experiences users could engage with together on the platform.

Initially, 19 Activities were available to users, but Discord is now looking to significantly expand that by giving third-party developers the tools – in the form of its newly announced Embedded App SDK – to create their own.


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“We want Discord to grow into the best place for developers to do it all: build, share, distribute, be discovered, and monetise their work,” the company wrote in its announcement post. “We want Discord to be where your App gets its start, where it finds a home in the communities of people around the world, and where it can be easily shared between friends.”

“If you want to see what you can build, you already can,” it continued. “Hop into a Voice Channel and use the Rocket button to try out today’s available Activities with your friends!”

Discord says it’s also experimenting with a way for users to associate these new games and apps with their accounts so they can be used away from servers (developers can decide if they want to activate this option) with testing beginning 18th March.


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