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Beloved platformer Celeste gets N64-style spin-off

Beloved indie platformer Celeste has received an official N64-style spin-off to celebrate its sixth anniversary.

Called Celeste 64: Fragments of the Mountain, it was created by the original team in around a week and is available to play on for free.

As you’d expect of this style, it features a fully 3D world and stubby little polygonal characters.

Celeste Launch Trailer

Celeste Launch Trailer

Original composer Lena Raine has also composed a new bite-sized soundtrack that’s available to listen to on Bandcamp. It was inspired by Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine and reinterprets many motifs from the original game.

The developers are in the process of fixing a number of bugs to ensure the game is playable.

This isn’t the first time the developers have created a spin-off. To celebrate the third anniversary, the team made a sequel in Pico-8.

Celeste has been widely praised since its release in 2018, both for its accessible platforming challenge and trans representation.

The developers are now working on a new game: Earthblade. Footage of the game was shown at The Game Awards back in 2022.


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