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Apex Legends drops a new gameplay trailer for season 21, “Upheaval”

Respawn has dropped a new teaser for the next season of its free-to-play battle royale, Apex Legends.

The trailer shows off what to expect when season 21, Upheaval, drops next week, and gets us up close and personal with “the embodiment of disruption”, new Legend Alter. You can check out the action for yourself in the trailer embedded below:

Apex Legends: Upheaval Gameplay Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Alter’s passive “Gift from the Rift” will sound a little familiar, as she can loot an item from “distant deathboxes”, whilst her tactical – Void Damage – lets you create a portal through a surface, “opening a path to send enemies back to the respawn chamber, or to make a quick escape”… which may seem familiar, too. Interesting.


Ultimate Void Nexus, however, “places a device that anyone on her team can use to open a one-way portal back to the location”, which could be pretty handy given you can use it in a variety of offensive and defensive ways.

You can also expect Apex artifacts that let you customise each variant’s Theme, Power Source “and more” with Exotic Shards, “mixing and matching to craft a player’s own calling card of destruction”.

Apex Legends: Upheaval releases on Tuesday 7th May, 2024, for PC, Switch, and PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and is the 21st season of the ever-evolving battle royale. Alongside the arrival of the first villainous Legend to hit the games since Revenant in 2020, there are plenty of new and returning additions that promise to turn this season on its head, including a revamped Broken Moon and Solos mode returning for a limited run.


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