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Among Us teases new roles, better lobby filtering, and more in new roadmap

Among Us, the sci-fi social deduction game that singlehandedly brought the phrase “sus” back into style, has just received a new roadmap teasing a fresh set of features for 2024 as developer Innersloth continues its murderous rampage across the stars.

It’s probably the announcement new roles are on the way – the first since 2021 – that’ll be met with the most fan excitement. And while Innersloth has offered no hints as to what they might be, it notes each will feature “their own little quirk that makes for some very interesting lobbies.” New roles, it says, are coming “soon”.


Further into the year, Innersloth is adding better lobby filtering that’ll feature a “more refined” set of search settings, alongside a bit of beatification for the lobby settings menu. “Say hello to snappy menus so you can easily see all the settings you can change as a host,” it writes, “and have a quick view of the important ones as you join lobbies.”

The Eurogamer video team gets murderous in space.Watch on YouTube

Elsewhere, there’s talk of “sprucing up other items” – music for lobbies is metioned, as is crewmate chatter popping at the top of the screen – and there’s promise of more “cute, goofy, and chaotic” cosmetics and cosmetics collaborations this year too.

It sounds like new roles will be first out the door, but Innersloth says the team is “hard at work checking notes and prepping their tasks to make these plans a reality”, so the release order of the remaining items on its roadmap are yet to be determined.

And, of course, there’s also an Among Us animated series on the way, with Innersloth recently confirming its latest cast additions – which include Debra Wilson as the voice of Yellow, Patton Oswalt as White, Phil LaMarr as Brown, and Wayne Knight as Lime.


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