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What the Golf? studio’s absurdist racer What the Car? heading to Steam

What the Golf? developer Triband is bringing its absurdist racing game What the Car? to Steam later this year, following its debut last May as an Apple Arcade exclusive.

What the Car? follows in the wonderfully daft footsteps of What the Golf? – and indeed its VR-exclusive baseball-inspired successor What the Bat? – by taking a relatively sensible sport (in this case racing) and sillying it up to the extreme.

If you’ve long been of the opinion racing games would be a whole lot better if the cars had legs and the racing was spiced up a bit with some cooking, skipping, CAR-aoke, or even fishing, then What the Car? is probably just what you’re looking for.

WHAT THE CAR? Steam Announcement – WISHLIST NOW!

What the Car? Steam announcement trailer.

Featuring “hundreds” of unique levels, it’s a game of constant, comedic reinvention, sometimes challenging players to complete races – which usually demand more than simply getting from A to B – with ludicrously long legs, perhaps, or while riding a bike (that is, as a car with legs riding a bike), as a ball, a boat, an unwieldy limousine, and on it goes.

In between races, there are are islands to explore, characters to befriend, puzzles to solve, and even treasures to find – plus you can make your own What the Car? levels, share them with friends, even attempt to climb the leaderboards of other players’ creations.

There’s no exact arrival date for What the Car? on Steam just yet, but it’s due later this year.


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