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This Stardew Valley player has figured out how to decorate the default in-game spa

A canny Stardew Valley player has devised an intriguing way of decorating the in-game spa thanks to a little-known bug that lets players access their inventory out of bounds.

By spamming weapon attacks, ItsJinosaur has been able to fully customise the bathhouse/spa, arguably one of Stardew’s most overlooked, and under-used, landmarks.

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“The Bathhouse looked a little decrepit, so I decided to touch things up and made everything look better,” ItsJinosuar explained on the game’s subreddit page.

“Had to account for [NPC] Alex’s route inside, hence the weird reception desk, otherwise it would’ve been fully closed off. But I think I somehow made it work.”

Bathhouse/Spa Decoration
byu/ItsJinosaur inStardewValley

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ItsJinosaur was able to make changes to the default spa design by equipping a weapon and spamming the attack button whilst moving through doorways. Only then were they allowed to go out of bounds, which in turn gave them access to their previously inaccessible inventory bar (thanks, GaneRant).

ICYMI, Stardew Valley is bringing its first concert tour to London in April next year.

Festival of Seasons will begin in February 2024, touring North America and Australia before it reaches London. The programme has been curated by Stardew Valley creator (and composer) Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, and will showcase music from the game performed by local chamber orchestras.


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