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The Flower of Evil Review – “A adventure game sure to intrigue any novice sleuth”

  • Tackle a series of unique and challenging puzzles
  • Enjoy a deep compelling narrative
  • The cast of characters is quirky and fun

It would seem that sleuthing never goes out of style. From endless takes on Sherlock Holmes to the popularity of true crime documentaries, there is always a market for captivating mysteries and challenging puzzles. And that’s precisely what awaits you in The Flower of Evil.

The Flower of Evil is a new mobile puzzler in which you’ll help Detective Lela solve a 27-year-old murder case. You’ll begin as two brothers who have broken into the Totten family’s storeroom where they are storing Thizz inhalers, a dangerous hallucinogenic.

After the brothers accidentally set off an alarm, we’re introduced to the quirky Detective Lela. Soon, Pollock, the second in command of the Totten family, is murdered, making the case all the more complicated. The plot thickens further as it’s unveiled that Detective Lela was once a police officer whose fellow officer and friend died while investigating the Thizz inhalers. Finding out who killed him is just one of the mysteries you’ll uncover in this thrilling title.

Murder scene with a girl lying in her blood

While you’ll mostly be playing as the detective, you’ll also play as other characters from time to time, keeping the game fresh. For instance, you’ll get to experience Pollock’s demise firsthand. The further you progress, the more complicated the plot becomes, and the more you’ll itch to unravel it.

Point and Click Fun

The Flower of Evil combines the classic point-and-click adventure genre with visual novel elements and fun puzzles. While you’ll often need to find specific objects within the scene, you’ll also have to figure out the correct way to use them. The game offers a variety of unique puzzles, from cooking eggs and toast for your new police officer acquaintance to figuring out how to escape from hostile mob members.

While some of the puzzles are relatively straightforward, others are truly mind-boggling. You’ll need to think outside the box as you unlock doors and chests, and fix machinery. The Flower of Evil does a great job of offering puzzles that are challenging and unique without making them overly complicated.

Criminals surrounding officer Elsa on a boat

Luckily, if you get stuck, you can nab a clue by tapping the blue button at the top of the screen and watching an ad. On the downside, however, the clues aren’t always obvious, tend to be surface-level, and don’t really help you complete intricate puzzles. It can be really disappointing when, after watching an ad, you’re still stuck at the same point in the puzzle. Still, most of the time, the hints are helpful. Although, it would be nice to get a free hint every once in a while.

Intriguing Characters

One of the most compelling things about The Flower of Evil is the characters. At first, Detective Lela seems a bit silly and rash. However, as you delve further into the game, you learn that she’s driven by a former tragedy. As for Officer Elsa, she’s a complicated woman who plays by the rules. You’ll also interact with various side characters like Chelsea, a mischievous and cheerful young man, and Doctor Lucas, a friend of Elsa’s and a member of the Totten family. Ada holding a knife in The Flower of Evil

The Flower of Evil is a fun and challenging puzzle game with a rich storyline. The game’s challenging puzzles and fun take on point-and-click adventure game gameplay will keep you thoroughly entertained. While the game’s hint system is a bit flawed, the puzzles are rarely frustratingly challenging. With a deep twisting narrative, The Flower of Evil will keep you engaged throughout. Featuring quirky, fun characters and a compelling art style, The Flower of Evil is an excellent time for mystery, puzzle and adventure fans alike.

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