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The Finals adds new Terminal Attack mode where you only live once

A new game mode is coming to free-to-play shooter The Finals called Terminal Attack.

This new 5v5 mode, arriving on 2nd May, removes healing and revives to give all players just one life.

Players will be split into two teams. The attacking team must deliver the Decryption Key to a terminal and ensure a complete transfer, while the defending team must prevent them from achieving their mission.

The Finals new game mode: Terminal AttackWatch on YouTube

Teams will take turns defending and attacking, with the winning team decided after seven rounds.

Terminal Attack joins the game as part of its second season, which began on 14th March with a hacking theme.

Power Shift, another new 5v5 mode, was introduced earlier in the season. It seems Embark Studios is providing plenty of updates to the game to keep players online.

The Finals stealth-dropped during last year’s The Game Awards and impressed for its physics destruction. It proved particularly popular with a concurrent peak player count of over 240k, though that’s dropped more recently (according to SteamDB).

“Embark Studios’ multiplayer shooter dazzles in the moment, but its AI voices are symptomatic of a broader issue with artistic vision,” reads our Eurogamer The Finals review.


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