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Tell us your favourite Christmas gaming memory and you could win a game of your choice

We’re doing another ‘gaming memory’ competition and this time we’re theming it around the Christmas break. What are your favourite memories of gaming around Christmas? Share yours in the comments below and if we choose it as our favourite, you’ll win a prize!

The prize is a £70 voucher for your game platform of choice. But note that because we’re buying the voucher from the UK, some platforms will restrict where you can redeem it. On PlayStation and Xbox, you’ll only be able to redeem in the UK, whereas on Switch, you’ll be able to redeem across Europe, and on Steam, anywhere (it converts the money into your currency).


If you win, I’ll email you on Friday and we’ll try to work something out, so keep an eye on your inbox.

We’ve run a few of these gaming memories competitions in 2023. There was one where we asked for your favourite Zelda gaming memories, one where we asked for your favourite Star Wars gaming memories, and one where we asked for your favourite Street Fighter gaming memories. So if you’re looking for any guidance or inspiration, those are a great place to start.

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More importantly, perhaps, the comments on those pieces are incredibly wholesome reminders of why it is we play games at all. Or why people play games at all, because let’s face it, sometimes people ask. There are comments about families coming together, or comments about unforgettable gaming feats, or – simply – comments that provide a good laugh. They’re heartwarming, they’re human, they’re personal. They’re all brilliant.

For me, it’s World of Warcraft that springs to mind. It was Christmas 2005 and I was delivering a speech to my guild on an airfield you’re not supposed to be able to get to, deep in enemy Alliance land. And I didn’t realise it then but in about a weeks’ time, I would leave the game for good, having finally accepted it played too large a part in my life.

That day, though, it was all about looking ahead to a bright raiding future with the people I’d come to care about. We cheered, we laughed, and we spent the rest of the day causing whatever trouble we could in the Alliance city of Ironforge. It was a happy day. Now, it’s a poignant memory. It’s the best and perhaps worst of World of Warcraft all in one.

So, what’s your Christmas gaming memory?


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