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“Strategic crafting shooter” United 1944 invites you to try its second playtest

“Strategic crafting shooter” United 1944 invites you to try before you buy and participate in its beta playtest.

The beta – which is live now and runs until 7am on 2nd October UK time (midnight PT) – is free to download now on Steam and lets players try out the game’s Survivor mode. Just hit “Request access” on the Steam page to get involved.

Survivor mode apparently takes “the scavenging and open construction approach to a whole new level of tension”. You can see it in action below:

UNITED 1944 – Survivor Mode Gameplay Overview.

“United 1944 new Survivor Mode it’s a dog-eat-dog world: everyone is an enemy, and your only means of staying alive is what you can find around you,” the team teases. “Look for resources, explore the city, and set up improvised bases anywhere as you fight for survival. Build, raid, kill, steal, scavenge, and destroy as you need for survival.

“Play for as long as you want, do your best to stay standing, and extract with as much loot as you’re capable of. Will you become a survivor of World War II… or will your bones be buried forever in this city?”

Interestingly, this isn’t the only World War II game with 1944 in the title in development, either. Team17 recently revealed an all-new turn-based tactics war game called Classified: France ’44.

Team17 Digital and Absolutely Games says the game is inspired by “the untold story” of the Jedburghs, “a group of heroic Allied special forces dropped behind enemy lines”, and the “disparate brave Resistance groups” working across France in the lead-up to the Normandy Landings on D-Day.


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