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Stranded: Alien Dawn’s all-new free Jungle update is out now

A new, free update for planet survival sim, Stranded: Alien Dawn is now available.

The Jungle Update adds a brand new region, Saltu, as well as “new survivor tools, a work area mechanic, a new survivor, and much more”.

Stranded: Alien Dawn | Jungle Update | Free Update Out Now

“With dense foliage and warm conditions, this jungle region brings thrilling new challenges, as well as a wealth of new features across all regions and scenarios – in addition to a new survivor, Melody Adeyemi, a healthy and comforting leader whose experience is pivotal for any group,” the team explains.

Saltu introduces “new obstacles for survivors to overcome in the form of extreme humidity, tropical infections, living mists, and Xenoflora blight”, as well as new features such as Work Areas and Area Flags to “allow players to exert even more control over their base set-up”.

Players will also be expected to devise new ways to keep their survivors cool, preserve food, treat disease, and avoid life-threatening outcomes.

Stranded: Alien Dawn is a planet survival sim placing the “fate of a small marooned group in your hands”. It currently boasts a “very positive” score on Steam aggregated from almost three thousand reviewers who’ve spent time with its early access version. Its first “major” early access update dropped at the end of last year and itt’s out now as a full release on PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), current-gen systems, and last-gen consoles, too.

A real-life survival expert recently weighed in on the the survival sim’s gameplay.


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