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Solquence review – “A simplistic puzzle game for classic card game fans”

  • Easy-to-play yet hard-to-master puzzle gameplay
  • Gameplay feels repetitive
  • Poker and Solitaire elements

From indie game developer Contentato comes Solquence, a new card puzzle game for Android and iOS. The studio’s first release, Solquence, is a simple-to-play yet challenging-to-master game in which you place cards on a grid. Your goal is to clear all the cards from the grid before you run out of cards in your deck.

While your goal is simple, attaining it is more of a challenge than you would think. Upon launching the game, you’ll be thrust into a short tutorial. The game takes place on a 7 by 7 grid. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a deck of cards. Next to the deck, you’ll see two cards facing up. The larger one to the left is the card you’re currently playing, while the smaller card is the next card you’ll play.

How To Play

To win Solquence, you need to clear the grid of all cards, but to do so, you’ll need to add cards to the grid first. Tap a rectangle to place a card. You can only place a card above, below, or next to an existing card on the grid. To remove cards, you’ll need to match pairs and triples. You can also remove cards by creating straights and flushes on the grid. While this sounds easy, winning requires strategic thinking and a bit of luck. A table with 4 cards


Like in solitaire, you’re limited to playing the next card in the deck, so you can’t always predict your best move. Each time you run out of cards without clearing the grid, a Death Card is added to your deck. Death Cards, which feature an image of the Grim Reaper, cannot be removed once placed on the grid unless you have a very special card.

Essentially, each Death Card you acquire and place gives you one less space to work with on the grid. And if you fill the grid with cards, it’s game over. Therefore, each round you lose makes the game more challenging. Sometimes, when you lose a level, you’ll also receive a penalty card – a random card added to the grid at the start of the next round. While this can be a hindrance, it can also be a boon if you play your cards right (pun intended). For instance, if you’re lucky, your penalty card could help you match a straight or flush.

While Solquence punishes you for losing, it also rewards you for winning with Sun Cards. A Sun Card can match with Death Cards and playing one is the only way to remove Death Cards from the grid. Thus, these cards are real lifesavers when your grid is littered with Death Cards.

Rewards for getting to level 19 in Solquence

A Game That Stays on Task

Solquence doesn’t try to be more than what it is. There are no unnecessary animations or cute mini-games. It’s just you, a deck of cards and a grid. For this reason, the game may feel lacking for some players. In addition, since gameplay doesn’t vary throughout the game, it can become tedious after a while.

However, fans of classic card games like Solitaire and Poker will find Solquence both familiar and unique.
Solquence is a single-player game, so what you’re really competing against is your own high score. It can be a somewhat calming experience, yet it can also be very frustrating when you find your board filling up with Death Cards.

Solquence is a challenging puzzle game with a simplistic premise. As luck plays a role in whether you win or lose, there is always a chance you’ll lose, no matter how good of a strategist you are. A simple but challenging puzzle card game, Solquence will appeal to puzzle game fans seeking an easy-to-learn game that challenges players while managing to uphold a calming, almost zen atmosphere.

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