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PUBG: Battlegrounds’ Halloween Battle Royale is now live

PUBG: Battlegrounds’ Halloween event is back.

After jumping off the “Ghost Ship” you’ll enter a spooky Erangel where you’ll need to “loot the land of the dead, craft ghoulish weapons, grow stronger, and fight to be the last team standing”.

Interestingly, though, the mode will be removed by the time actual Halloween rolls around – the Halloween Battle Royale will only be available from now until midnight UK time on 10th October (that’s 5pm PT time).

PUBG | Patch Report #25.2 – Gunplay Adjustments, New Skin Type: Chroma, and more!

There’ll be four different classes – Executioner, Ranger, Pyromancer, and Cleric – and as there are no limits to the the number of classes in any given squad, players are free to devise their preferred team, be that one of each class or a team comprised of nothing but Pyromancers – the choice is yours.

“However, keep in mind that each class requires its own exclusive ingredients to grow stronger!” the team warns. “Therefore, it would be efficient to share loot among different classes, but it’s obviously not the best to share the loot you would need if your squad is made up of four Executioners.”

You’ll also get to choose your preferred weapon from a choice of two, but you can switch between them “in every upgrade stage”.

You can play the Halloween update now on the Erangel map – just head to the Arcade. Note that the mode supports 80 players – 20 squads of four, and matchmaking will be available – in oppose to the usual 100 and you’ll only be able to play in third-person perspective.

Sadly, any spooky wins will not make their way to your match history, career page, or your XP.

To mark its sixth anniversary, PUBG: Battlegrounds recently dropped a neat little infographic that outlines exactly what we’ve collectively been doing over the last six years, including news that the free-to-play battle royale has now clocked up over 150.7 million players .

That adds up to a staggering 16.3 billion hours played across PC and consoles by players living in 242 different countries.


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