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Prepare to make a killing, Hitman: Blood Money coming to mobile and Nintendo Switch

Get your trigger fingers at the ready. Feral Interactive, the team behind the recent Lara Croft Switch ports, has announced Hitman: Blood Money – Reprisal will be coming to iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch.

This release will be a souped up version of IO’s 2006 release Hitman: Blood Money, promising a “suite of improvements” across the new platforms. This will include new features such as “Instinct Mode, an ever-present minimap, and a wide array of gameplay improvements inspired by later games in the series”.


Here is a little trailer for it all, showing off some of 47’s shenanigans across the globe, from Paris to New Orleans (you know what, assassinations aside, 47 has quite a peachy job. I would love such opportunities to see the world).

Hitman: Blood Money — Reprisal: A revitalised classic coming to Mobile and Nintendo Switch!

As is custom with Hitman games, Blood Money – Reprisal players will be able to approach their missions and targets in a range of different and exciting ways. Will you go in all guns blazing, or do you prefer to put the b in subtle? Personally, I tend to land somewhere between the two. I try to go for the stealthy options, but I usually get caught and then have to flee the scene in a hail storm of bullets.

We don’t have an exact release date for Hitman: Blood Money – Reprisal as yet, although Feral Interactive has said it will be coming to iOS and Android sometime this Autumn. Switch users, meanwhile, will have to wait a touch longer, with the developer merely stating this version will follow in the winter.

For more on Hitman, be sure to check out Bertie’s interview with IO co-owners Christian Elverdam and Hakan Abrak. Besides their recent World of Assassination release, there is also discussion about the studio’s upcoming James Bond project, their first impressions of Hitman, and their roundabout routes into the industry.


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