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Pikmin 4 box art shows you going inside someone’s house

Official artwork for Pikmin 4 has detailed several unannounced features for Nintendo’s long-awaited upcoming garden strategy sequel.

This includes the game’s split-screen multiplayer mode – a long-standing feature of the series since Pikmin 2 – and what looks like the ability for a second player to aid you in the game’s main campaign via some kind of targeting reticule.

Environments shown off here appear to include the interior of a house – a dramatic departure for the series which has so far stayed outside (or underground). And yes, spoilers for Pikmin 1, the series is indeed set on Earth.

A look at the rather adorable Pikmin 4.

We also get a look at some of the “treasures” available for players to collect. These include origami creations and – hello, 2017! – a fidget spinner. It’s perhaps not surprising someone threw that away.

Details come from download cards for the game now available to buy in Japan, as shared on Twitter by Tokyo Game Life.

Pikmin 4 is due out on 21st July after a long wait – though we still don’t know very much about it. It has a character creator, Nintendo recently revealed, and your avatar is on a mission to save Pikmin series protagonist Olimar, who’s once again in danger.

It sure would be nice to hear more about Pikmin 4 soon, Nintendo.


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