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Palworld is working on a patch to address cheaters

Palworld developer Pocketpair has apologised to fans affected by cheating in Palworld, admitting that “it is currently difficult to completely prevent all cheating”.


In a statement posted to X/Twitter, the team confirmed that even though the monster-collecting game has barely been out a week, it has already received reports from players that they have encountered “cheating on official servers”.

PALWORLD Early Access Review: Is It Worth It?

PALWORLD Early Access Review: Is It Worth It?

In a statement entitled “Regarding countermeasures against cheating on official servers”, the team said: “Currently, some players have been confirmed to be cheating on the official server.

“We will apply a patch as soon as it is ready, but it is currently difficult to completely prevent all cheating immediately. We will continue to focus even more on security and aim to create an environment where everyone can play with peace of mind.

“We sincerely apologise to all players who have been affected by this incident.”

As is usually the case when it comes to cheaters, Pocketpair stopped short of revealing how the cheaters are manipulating the game. Nor did it bother exemplifying why cheaters feel the need to exploit the game, either.

For most players, the idea of cheating in such an uncompetitive game is completely bewildering.

“Why even cheat in that game? Specially on a multiplayer? Like, go to you own world any make there your stuff…?” said one player.

“People are already cheating,” said content creator GameRiot. “How incredibly sad.”

“It’s a non-PvP (as of right now) game what’s the point,” opined another surprised player.

If you’ve been thinking that Palworld looks just a little too similar to another monster-collecting game, you’re not alone. The Pokémon Company issued a statement confirming it was now “investigating” whether Pocketpair’s astonishingly successful Palworld has infringed its intellectual property rights.

Not that that has dampened enthusiasm for Palworld among players, of course. On Friday, we saw Palworld’s Steam concurrent numbers pass two million for the first time, making Palworld the second game ever on Steam to do so after PUBG.

It also once again broke its own concurrent user record yesterday (Saturday 27th), hitting a new high of 2,101,867 concurrent players.


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