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Nintendo Switch Online adds three spooky retro games including Castlevania Legends

Nintendo has added three more games to its retro library for Switch Online subscribers, each with its own spooky theme for Halloween.

NES games Devil World and The Mysterious Murusame Castle are now available to play, while C astlevania Legends has been added to the selection of Game Boy titles.


Devil World is a maze game similar to Pac-Man but with a religious twist. You play as a green dragon who decides to take on the devil and must collect crucifixes and Bibles to gain the ability to breathe fire, eventually chasing the devil through a number of different mazes. The re-release of Devil World on the Wii’s Virtual Console was alright by our book.

NES, Game Boy – October 2023 Game Updates – Nintendo Switch Online

The Mysterious Murasame Castle is one of the earlier games for the NES. The player, as protagonist Takamaru, travels through castles to defeat the main antagonist Murasame, all while being faced with enemies inspired by Japanese culture including, but by no means limited to, samurai and hannya demons.

Rounding out the latest additions to Nintendo Switch Online’s retro offerings is Castlevania Legends. This title was originally meant to be a prequel to the series, but is heavily considered to be non-canon by fans. The player takes the role of vampire hunter Sonia Belmont in a side-scrolling platformer as she takes on Dracula.

All of these games are available for Nintendo Switch Online members, regardless of whether you’ve got a regular subscription or the premium Expansion Pack. Anything take your fancy?


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