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Milky Way Prince dev’s dark, stylish summer adventure Mediterranea Inferno arrives this month

Mediterranea Inferno, the “mature and treacherous” summer adventure from Lorenzo Redaelli, the creator of The Milky Way Prince – Vampire star, is coming to Steam on 24th August.

Mediterranea Inferno, which is being published by the ever-wonderful Santa Ragione (Saturnalia, MirrorMoon EP), tells the story of three young men in their early 20s who reunite for a sensual summer retreat in southern Italy after some time apart during the isolation of the COVID pandemic, hoping to rekindle their friendship.

“A lazy afternoon by the pool, a lustful night at the club, or even a morbid visit to the local cemetery,” explains Mediterranea Inferno’s Steam page

, “you’ll decide how to spend this summer vacation, but wherever you go, something or someone will be waiting, offering an additional, forbidden trip through the arcane inner spaces of conscience.”

Mediterranea Inferno release date announcement trailer.

“As you pick their activities for the day,” the description continues, “you’ll discover [the three friends’] darkest fears, their obsessions, and, as the reality of their failed expectations become apparent, their thirst for revenge and retribution.”

As with Redaelli’s debut title, the acclaimed Milky Way Prince, Mediterranea Inferno is a breathlessly stylish thing, melding striking 2D art and 3D environments to create a visual-novel-style experience described as a “generational story that is as touching as it is disturbing” – and given the uncompromising nature of its hugely powerful predecessor, which unflinchingly examined dysfunctional love, psychological abuse, and borderline personality disorder, it’s probably wise to take its extensive content warnings extremely seriously.

Mediterranea Inferno, which is said to feature “many possible endings” across its 3-4 hour duration, will be available to purchase on Steam from 24th August, but if you’re curious to learn more ahead of then, a PC and Mac demo covering the first chapter is available to play right now, with saves transferable to the full game.


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