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Microsoft completely removes recently-nerfed £1/$1 Xbox Game Pass trial

You can no longer claim a trial of Xbox Game Pass for £1/$1, just days ahead of Starfield, the year’s biggest Microsoft launch.

The option has been removed from Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass sign-up website (thanks, XGP). Now, you must simply pay the full amount for your first month.

Microsoft recently slashed the offer from a full month at £1/$1 to just 14 days, back at the start of August. Eurogamer asked Microsoft for comment on the change at the time, but did not receive any further information.


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Our latest look at Starfield gameplay footage.Watch on YouTube

Now, the offer is gone completely – after only being relaunched by Microsoft in July.

The £1/$1 Xbox Game Pass deal had existed for years before that, and has been a popular driver of users to Microsoft’s monthly subscription. But it was temporarily removed at the end of March – shortly before Redfall’s arrival on PC and Xbox in May.

Xbox Game Pass, of course, allows subscribers to play brand new Microsoft titles on release without paying their full price point.

But as Starfield’s release nears – and as the game arrives without any possibility for any public hands-on – the offer has now been removed.

Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass pricing tiers, without a free trial option.
Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass pricing tiers, without a free trial option. | Image credit: Microsoft / Eurogamer

Interested in Starfield? You’ll need to pay out for a full month of Game Pass on console (£9/month), PC (£8/month) or Ultimate (£13/month) to give it a go. Or, of course, it’s £70 on console.


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