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Looks like PlayStation trophies are on the way for PC players

Sony may be soon implementing trophies for the PC versions of its games.

That’s according to True Trophies, which asserts that its own scanners have picked up “new evidence” to suggest PS5 games available on PC may soon support PlayStation trophies, enabling PC players to pick up the bronze, silver, gold, and platinum awards regardless of what platform they use.

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According to True Trophies’ scanners, a new platform called “PSPC” recently popped up alongside a new trophy list simply entitled “Trophy Set”. Depending upon who you listen to, the “PSPC” could stand for “PlayStation PC” or “PlayStation Studios PC” – right now, we just don’t know.

It wasn’t attached to any particular game, but the TT team believes the list refers to a “new platform separate from the PS5” but yet connects to the PS5 platform in some way, “similar to how PS4, PS Vita, and PS3 trophies could all share a unified trophy list despite being available on separate platforms”.

So while in no way concrete proof, it is perhaps our surest sign yet that PlayStation games on PC may well soon support trophies, and solidifies rumours of PC PS trophies that first began to bubble up last year.

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“Please just let me link my ps account with PC already so I can continue my trophy grind,” said one cautiously-optimistic commenter. “I hope the only thing you have to do for that is linking a PSN account to the game, and that’s that, I don’t want to deal with another launcher,” added another.

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