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Krafton set to publish “Hotline Miami in a Wild West setting” action game Kill the Crows next month

Krafton – the publisher behind PUBG: Battlegrounds and Striking Distance Studios’ The Callisto Protocol – and Smash Legends developer 5minlabs have partnered up to release Kill the Crows, a “gratuitously brutal action” game, and you can try it yourself now via a new Steam demo.

Described as “Hotline Miami in a Wild West setting”, the demo is available now with a Smash Legends coupon crossover event” running until 1st August.

Kill The Crows x SMASH LEGENDS Coupon Event.

“In Kill The Crows, players step into the dusty, spurred boots of a gunslinger named Isabella as she carves a path of bloody revenge across a twisted, lo-fi take on the Wild West,” the team explains.


“This is no ordinary Western tale, however. Our courageous heroine faces off against hordes of enemies that have all been transformed into crow-like creatures. The detail of that transformation is one of the mysteries players will explore as they delve deeper into the story.”

In a world where “even a single stray bullet can end Isabella’s journey”, you’ll need to move quickly and instinctively as “the screen becomes more and more crowded with foes and flying bullets”.

Players who score 50 cumulative kills during the event will unlock a code that treats them to 1000 credits, a special enhancement box, and “one limited edition event icon” to use in the PvP action brawler, Smash Legends.

Kill the Crows is set to release next month in August 2023.

Krafton is set to launch its “first Canadian AAA game studio”. Led by former Ubisoft game director, Patrik Méthé – “a prominent figure with over 20 years of experience in leadership roles on some of the world’s most renowned franchises” – the studio is set on hiring 150 people over the next three years, including positions in animation, programming, and HR.

Producer Benoit Frappier, game director Frédéric Duroc, and technology director Martin Paradis have already joined Méthé on this new venture.


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