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Impressive Portal 2 mod adds prequel story and 40 new chambers

A recently released fan mod for Portal 2 adds 40 new test chambers for players to wrap their heads around, including new mechanics and a brand new story.

Portal: Revolution was developed by Second Face Software in a modified version of Portal 2: Community Edition, a community-made mod to help players create and play community content.

The developer estimates Revolution will take around eight hours to finish, and players will encounter a new laser cube variant and puzzles which use only the blue Portal Gun during the campaign.

Watch Ian try out a different Portal 2 mod – Portal 2 in VR!

Revolution is set in between the events of Portal and Portal 2. Following the destruction of Glados at the end of Portal, in Revolutions you play as a test subject who is awoken by a new personality sphere called Stirling. Stirling is looking for a “powerful device capable of restoring Aperture to its former glory”. That’ll definitely end well for everybody, I reckon.

If you’re interested in trying Revolution, the mod requires you to own Portal 2 on Steam which, at time of writing, is on sale for £0.85 / $0.99 if you don’t already own it. The mod itself is free, and the reviews suggest it’s well worth your time.

Other Portal 2 mods worth checking out include this fan-made VR mod which Ian praised for how natural it felt. If you’re looking for a head-scratching challenge, there’s Portal Reloaded, which adds a third portal and time travel.


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