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Here’s when you’ll be able to play Torchlight: Infinite’s all-new expansion, Twinightmare

Dungeon crawler Torchlight: Infinite’s all-new expansion, Twinightmare, will release on 28th December, 2023.

Headlined by tenth playable hero Rosa the High Court Chariot, the expansion also introduces a “host of challenges, quality-of-life improvements, limited-time festive events, and much more”.

[Twinightmare] Lightbringer·Rosa「The Holy Spirit Awaits in Hell」.

Rosa can be unlocked by those willing to shell out for the Twinightmare Season Pass and is described as a “formidable Hunter with high defensive capabilities, allowing her to survive even the toughest onslaught”. Her Holy Domain Skill sees her transform into “an unstoppable chariot, blazing a path through enemy hordes and afflicting them with a powerful curse”.


Four new skills – Whirlwind Blade, Lightning Beam, Star Stalker, and Harmonious Field – are also arriving for other heroes whilst the Winter Festival – which covers Torchlight Hideout in ice and snow – “creates the perfect festive vibe” and provides “exclusive drop” Snowflake, which can be exchanged for Exclusive Legendary Gear and avatars.

“Throughout Twinightmare, players will be plunged into the realm of dreams as they explore this season’s new gameplay,” the team teases. “Dream Lotuses can be found scattered throughout each map in Torchlight: Infinite and by interacting with them, Hunters have a chance to unleash Good Dreams. These will spawn Dream Monsters that, when defeated, will drop rewards, but there’s a perilous twist!”

As for those QoL improvements?

“XD Games are continuing to improve the core Torchlight: Infinite experience with a slew of optimisations and quality of life changes,” explains a press release. “These are aimed at new and experienced players alike, giving the Help Manual a welcome overhaul while also introducing a smoother looting UX and easier ways to quickly share character builds with other players.”

Torchlight: Infinite is out now on PC, Android, and iOS.


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