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Hades’ acclaimed rogue-like action hits iOS via Netflix later this month

Hades, the acclaimed rogue-like dungeon-crawler from developer Supergiant – and by ‘acclaimed’, we’re talking Game-of-the-Year levels of good here – launches for iOS as part of a Netflix subscription later this month, on 19th March.


Hades, the fourth game from Supergiant – following the studio’s impressive Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre – charts protagonist Zagreus’ attempts to escape the Underworld and reach Mount Olympus, all with a little bit of help from an entire pantheon of Greek gods.

It’s an isometric action-adventure built around a wonderfully punchy combat system that follows the classic rogue-like template by offering handy permanent upgrades after an escape attempt fails, all in aid of helping Zagreus inch just a little bit closer to freedom each time.

Hades | Pre-Registration Trailer | Netflix

Hades comes to iOS via Netflix later this month.

It’s breezy but dense too, marrying bags of interesting gameplay options to some wonderfully crafted characters and a gradually unfolding narrative that makes it unexpectedly easy to connect with. Hades is so good, in fact, it managed to earn itself a Eurogamer Recommended badge when it released in 2020 and was named our Game of the Year.

Anyway, Hades comes to iOS via Netflix later this month with 60fps support, fully-customisable touch controls (and is compatible with Bluetooth controllers if you’d prefer to play that way), a redesigned interface, cloud saves, achievements, and offline play.

And there’s more Hades coming in 2024 too; Supergiant previously confirmed an eagerly awaited sequel – with a new protagonist – will launch into PC early access later this year.


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