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Grasshopper Direct gave us the briefest of peeks at Suda51’s next game

You thought the summer conference season was over? Nope, it’s still going – and early this morning included a presentation from No More Heroes developer Grasshopper Manufacturer.

Aired at 5am UK time, the 11-minute video

offers little in the way of actual updates amongst its silliness. We get another trailer for the upcoming Shadows of the Damned Remastered and, right at the end, the sneakiest of peeks at what’s next from renowned game maker Suda51.

Grasshopper Direct 2023.

Looking closely at the gameplay footage (which Suda51 pretends to block to stop us seeing more), there’s a UI which shows health, blood and “emerald flowsion”. One of the weapons equipped is named “Brynhildr”.

It looks a game with a lot of gear and ability slots, though the main character is deliberately pixellated to stop us seeing more.

Grasshopper Direct.
Suda51 pretends to be interrupted.

On Shadows of the Damned, a fresh trailer for the remake ended with the rather bizarre note it was “coming to all current platforms. Probably.” Does that include Nintendo Switch? Smartphone? Amazon Luna? We’ll have to wait and see.

Grasshopper Direct.
Shadows of the Damned Remake is coming to some video game platforms.

And that was it! I’m not sure what else I was expecting, but it was at least brief. (And it’s worth remembering the upcoming Lollipop Chainsaw remake is being made elsewhere, with Suda51 not involved.)

Surely we’re over summer game showcase season now. No?


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