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Ghost of Tsushima PC port news coming next week, insider suggests

A PC port of Sucker Punch’s critically-acclaimed Ghost of Tsushima could be announced as early as next week.


That’s according to XboxEra’s Nick Baker, who hinted on X/Twitter that news about the long-anticipated port could be coming as soon as next Tuesday, 5th March.

Ghost of Tsushima Review – Ghost of Tsushima PS4 Pro Gameplay

Ghost of Tsushima Review – Ghost of Tsushima PS4 Pro Gameplay.

“I’m hearing that we might be getting something about the Ghost of Tsushima PC port pretty soon. Maybe around the 5th?” Baker posted.

Whether that’ll merely be confirmation that a port is in development or a full shadow-drop launch is unclear, but Baker seemed to think it’s the former. In a reply to a commenter, Baker reiterated that they “weren’t really saying the port is releasing soon”, only that we’d “hear something about it”.

The good news about this rumour is, right or wrong, 5th March is just three short days away – so we don’t have too long to wait until we know one way or the other. Mark your calendars.

Director Chad Stahelski has confirmed that his movie adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima will be “a complete Japanese cast, in Japanese”.

Stahelski said that while it may “scare the shit out of most people”, Sony is “on board with backing [him] on that” and “Western audiences in general are getting more and more used to [reading subtitles]”.


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