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Foamstars season one, Starry Pop, includes ranked play and more

Foamstars will arrive on PlayStation Plus next week, but before then Square Enix has detailed what’s in store for the game’s first season.

Starry Pop is its name, reflecting the game’s music and idol themes, with season one detailed on the PlayStation Blog.

As previously reported, the game will have both a free and paid season pass (£4.99), with the premium version offering early access to new content and additional cosmetic rewards. We now know Square Enix has updates planned for the next year, with seasons updating each month.


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Foamstars – Season Information Announce Trailer | PS5 & PS4 GamesWatch on YouTube

Square Enix has also detailed some of the game modes.

Ranked Party play will consist of solo Ranked Party Lonestar matches or team-based Ranked Party Tribe-Vibe matches, which will be available for a specific period each season.

Reaching the highest ranks will result in rewards like player icons, with ranks categorised in seven tiers from Bronze Star to Party Legend.

Extreme Party matches are limited-time events held on two weekends each season, with players battling under different season-specific rules.

For Starry Pop, there will be two modes of this type: the first will have all players using Mel T, this season’s earnable character, while the second will have all players invisible and relying on foam to seek out opponents.

Then there’s the Happy Friyay Party, giving an opportunity to test out the next season’s new Foamstar: for Starry Pop, that will be Coiff Guy (pictured above).

Lastly, each season will have exclusive cosmetics to earn.

Foamstars will launch on PlayStation Plus on 6th February as a monthly game, and will be available to purchase for all players on 5th March for £24.99.

It will be joined by Rollerdrome, Steelrising, and a trial of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as the PlayStation Plus games for February.


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