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Elden Ring player shares how to level up Scadutree Blessings without fighting a single boss

Scadutree Fragments are critical for levelling in Elden Ring DLC, but one savvy player believes they’ve found a way to find enough fragments to reach level 14 without taking on a single boss.

Redditor Galdiuz2 posted their method to the Elden Ring subreddit earlier this week, including an image depicting where, exactly, Tarnished can locate Scadutree Fragments without encountering any bosses.

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Interestingly, u/Galdiuz2’s post says you could use this map to get to level 12, but u/gilgabroVII points out that you can actually get to 14 – “17, before any remembrance boss” – as there’s at least one more fragment in the starting zone not indicated on the map, “two more in the Scadu Altus, and two in the [Cerulean Coast].”


Later, Galdiuz22 returned to the post to acknowledge that there were “even three accessible in the south, for a total of six extra not on [the] map”.

Be careful if you choose this route, however; doing this may mean you’ll end up perma-skipping interesting NPC quests.

You can get Scadutree Blessing level 12 without killing any bosses
byu/Galdiuz2 inEldenring

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Another commenter added that you could get 20 Fragments without fighting anything or entering a legacy dungeon, 34 without killing a boss, and 44 Fragments by taking down just three main bosses and one remembrance (thanks, TheGamer).

ICYMI, a patch for Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree has been released that revises the scaling of the Shadow Realm Blessings. The DLC includes this new scaling system to boost the attack and defence of both your character and your spirit summons, by collecting Scadutree Fragments and Revered Spirit Ashes respectively.

Now the scaling has been revised so that the effects are greater for the first few levels, before becoming more gradual later.

Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree has reached 5m sales worldwide, in just three days of release.

Earlier this month, Elden Ring had shipped 25m units, meaning 20 percent of all players have already jumped back in for the DLC in its opening weekend.

“To the many who tread the path left by Kindly Miquella, we extend our heartfelt gratitude,” FromSoft said in a celebratory social media.


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