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EasySMX X15 Controller Review -” A powerful low-cost controller”

  • The X15 offers responsive controls and easily pairs with your mobile device
  • It features a sci-fi design and RGB lights
  • The corners of the directional buttons will dig into your fingers if you’re not careful

The EasySMX X15 features the same sleek shape as an Xbox controller and fits comfortably against your palms. Considering the device retails at just $39.99, you might expect it not to meet the standards we gamers are accustomed to. However, the EASYSMX X15 Wireless manages to convey a sense of elegance. Its lightweight design allows you to feel comfortable even during long gaming sessions.

Look and Feel of the X15

The EasySMX x15 controller is compatible with Android and iOS devices, as well as PC and Nintendo Switch. The device comes in two designs: Starfield, which is white with red joysticks and a golden D-pad, and Mecha, which features a black and grey aesthetic. I received the Mecha X15 and found the design futuristic, if a little bland.

The controller’s D-pad curves in at its centre, giving it a crisp and stylish look. While it looks really cool, be sure to place your thumb in the centre when using it to avoid the pain of having the corners of the four directional buttons poking you.

A starfield X15 controller to the left of a Mecha X15 controller ona rainbow background.

The device’s joysticks sit diagonal from each other with the left stick being considerably higher up on the controller’s front. The front of the X15 also features the standard XYAB buttons to the right and just above the right-side joystick. Below the D-pad is a screenshot button which sits next to a Turbo button. You’ll also notice a home button near the top with a set of buttons featuring plus and minus signs beneath it.

The area where you naturally grip the controller features anti-slip texturing. This is great for clumsy gamers such as myself. However, the texture can feel a tad uncomfortable after an hour or two of gaming.

Light Up Your Gaming Sessions

The back of the device also includes an on/off switch for the RGB lights, two programable buttons and a small circular button used to program the aforementioned buttons. Turning on the RGB lights really improves the controller’s aesthetic. Better yet, you can change the light’s colours to suit your specific taste. Finally, the top of the X15 features the left and right buttons and triggers. Three Mecha X15 controller, one with multicolor RGB lights, one with green RGB lighting and one with the lights off

While testing out the controller, I couldn’t help but dive into a few of my favourite mobile games. After connecting it to my iPad by holding the home and X buttons down for several seconds and choosing ‘Xbox Controller’ from the list of available Bluetooth devices, I was excited to experience Disney Dreamlight Valley Apple Arcade edition with the X15.

The device’s precise joysticks made traversing the valley a breeze, and the triggers and buttons responded quickly and accurately to pressure from my fingertips. I was able to efficiently switch between various in-game menus and easily navigated obstacles.

The Easy SMX X15 handles DMC Like a Dream

The X15 also handled Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat’s fast-paced action quite well. I was able to perform the franchise’s signature aerial combos without any difficulty, and the joystick allowed me to move Dante smoothly across the game’s terrain. Close up of X15 controller with images of compatible devices above it

I also tested the controller out on my Android smartphone and found it allowed me to smoothly steer my cab in Crazy Taxi Classic. Thanks to the responsiveness of the controller’s Hall Effect triggers, I made tight turns and quick breaks while ferrying my passengers to their destinations.

Connecting the EasySMX X15 to an Android device is very similar to connecting it to an iPad. The main difference is that you must press the home button and A rather than X. The controller also features three levels of vibration which is a nice touch.

The X15 Has a Long Battery Life

Not once did the X15 run out of juice while I was using it. I played Evoland 2 for a solid three hours, and the controller never lost the connection or came close to dying. My only issue with the device is that the buttons make a clicking noise when pressed, and that is a bit too loud. While you won’t notice it with the volume turned up, it can be annoying when playing quitter games.


The EasySMX X15 is a nifty controller for mobile and PC with a cool sci-fi design. Other than the buttons being a bit loud when clicked and the need to be careful of the directional button’s corners, the controller is well-designed, and its long-lasting 1000mAh lithium battery means you’ll never have to cut your gaming sessions short. Lightweight with an intuitive control layout, the EasySMX X15 is a great controller offering high-quality precision on a budget.


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