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EA Sports FC players angry after weekend rewards of top footballers nerfed

Fans of EA Sports FC have responded angrily after EA altered a perceived issue with FUT rewards providing “unintended results”.

As part of the game’s Weekend League, players have a chance to win special versions of certain players, which this past weekend included Kylian Mbappe who’s considered the best player in the game.

EA doesn’t release the odds of receiving specific players, but Mbappe and other top players appeared to be cropping up more often than usual at the start of the weekend.

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The company then shared a message on Saturday stating it had “identified an issue where the Champions Player Pick rewards were providing unintended results”, which was then “corrected in-game”.

Following the change, players believe EA nerfed the likelihood of the best footballers appearing to force more in-game purchases.

A community note on EA’s X (formerly Twitter) post reads: “There may have been a probability issue, but there is no evidence of ‘unintended rewards’ being given out. Mbappe and Dembele are part of Ligue 1 TOTS, so they fit the reward description. EA lowered their chance because it will force players to open packs with real currency.”

Many angry replies to the post are requesting EA change it back, as early players receiving the top rewards before the change are now dominating online.

“Leave it as it was, everyone was happy. Mad, legit mad that you ‘intend’ to shaft people for playing your competitive game mode,” reads one response.

“Leave it as it was. Don’t fix it so half the community that weren’t busy on Friday night get Red Dembele/Mbappe and we get shafted,” reads another. “Most out of touch company on this planet.”

Eurogamer has contacted EA for further information.

EA has long had issues with controversial implementing of loot boxes, with the company denying in 2021 it was “pushing” FIFA players to spend money in-game.

Last week, EA’s latest financial report revealed plans to potentially use in-game advertising to drive profits.


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