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Citizen Sleeper 2 dated for early 2025, also coming to PS5 and Switch

Citizen Sleeper 2 is coming in early 2025, publishers Fellow Traveller have announced, and it’s also going to be releasing on PlayStation 5 and Switch alongside the already confirmed Xbox Series S/X, Game Pass and PC versions.

Unveiled at tonight’s PC Gaming Show during its first proper gameplay trailer, C itizen Sleeper 2 will see you wake up in the body of a brand-new Sleeper android who’s fighting for survival out on the Starward Belt on the edge of the Helion System. We’ve known for a while that Citizen Sleeper 2 is going to be a much bigger game

than the original, but tonight’s trailer gave us a taste of just how large the Belt actually is, as it will have its own navigable map screen, along with lots of different space ports and unique locations to visit along the way.

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We also get to see some of the characters we’ll be meeting when we get there. Unlike the first game, though, they’ll be joining your crew as valuable team mates here, and will live alongside you in your ship as you travel between locations. You’ll also be able to draw on their unique skills and character traits when taking on big contract jobs, too, as each crew member you recruit will have their own set of dice rolls to use to help you complete tasks and get the job done.

Contracts will take place in dedicated locations, too, far away from the hustle and bustle of the spaceports where you’ll have heard about them in the first place. As such, you’ll need to prepare accordingly before you take one on, as they can quickly blow up in your face (literally, judging by the gameplay trailer) if you attempt them before you’re ready.

There looks to be plenty of double-crossing and wavering loyalities to navigate, however, and making peace with all of your newfound stablemates will form a big part of Citizen Sleeper 2’s underlying story.

Beyond these new additions, Citizen Sleeper 2 will no doubt feel very familiar to returning players. It’s still chock full of the same tabletop RPG inspirations that defined the original game, and you’ll still be rolling plenty of dice to determine the outcome of your actions.

Of course, we already know that you won’t be dependent on keeping your health topped up with stabiliser shots in this sequel, but there are new systems at play here that you’ll need to keep an eye on instead. It’s easy to miss from the trailer, but Stress looks to play an important role in Citizen Sleeper 2, and managing this (both across yourself and your growing number of crew members) will no doubt prove to be quite the balancing act when it launches early next year.


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