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BRIXITY Review – “Saving the world one brick at a time”

As time goes on, the idea of saving the world is becoming something we’re starting to consider on a near-daily basis. We’re trying to come up with solutions and sometimes we need to turn to games like BRIXITY by Devsisters for ideas.

From the Cookie Run series, the team is trying its hand at a resource management and city-building sim. Playing out from an isometric angle, you’ll start with a bunch of empty space just waiting to be built upon. It’s up to you to decide what you will build and how it will be arranged in hopes of saving the world.

What is BRIXITY?

Alro the robot in BRIXITY

When it comes to city-building games, you don’t typically need the motivation to start building other than the desire to build. Even so, BRIXITY provides one and it’s a pretty admirable cause. In an unknown time in the future, the entirety of humanity (called Pipos) has relocated to Mars in order to survive after the downfall of Earth. While there, the Pipos perfected restoration technology contained in materials known as Brix which has made building that much easier and more streamlined. As a newly appointed Brix Master, you’re tasked with going to Earth to restore it by creating as many Brix structures as you can while inviting more Pipos to help make your city thrive.


Synchronicity in BRIXITY

When it comes to building, you want to make sure that you have pieces that fit neatly together and are of the best quality. BRIXITY has made some of these materials and put them throughout the gameplay. The biggest boon it has is its accessibility. To the average person, the concept of a city-building game can be quite intimidating. However, this game is more akin to LEGO, having a very colourful and friendly aesthetic. On top of that, the sheer number of architectural variety alongside the combinations you can make yourself adds a lot of replayability and a high chance of finding multiple styles that you like.

It works very well as an idle and long-form game that functions with only the slightest inputs. That said, it gives you plenty of options in terms of involvement. You can spend quite a lot of time scrolling through all the different building types to decide what kind of city you’d like to build. Like an actual city, you can break everything up into districts or neighbourhoods to appease every part of your creativity and curiosity. That, along with the auto-building mechanics, makes it satisfying to see your city pop up out of nothing.

BRIXITY Violations

Building a Cosmo rocket

Whenever you decide to build something on some land, you need to make sure that you’re following the proper procedures otherwise this will lead to serious problems. BRIXITY definitely filled out the paperwork but there have been some oversights on their part. The main issue is the imbalance between the speed of building things and the access to new blueprints and Brix.

It can take only a few minutes to fill a whole section with tons of buildings, but then you have to start grinding so that you can level up to build different stuff. This applies to when you’re clearing more land which takes longer and longer and you only have so many robots to do that. Then there’s the problem with needing to invite more Pipos which takes different resources and time as well.

Building BRIXITY

Sandwich in BRIXITY

BRIXITY is a 3D isometric city-building simulator about using future technology to restore ruined earth. It’s fun, fast, colourful, with tons of varieties, and opportunities to be creative. Just be prepared to do some grinding and waiting as you try to gain access to more stuff (though you can always purchase progress if you’re so inclined). All in all, this game is a gateway to the city-builder genre and you may find yourself wanting to live in BRIXITY.


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