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Baldur’s Gate 3’s Hotfix #5 is here with a chattier Minthara, PS5 fixes, and more

More Baldur’s Gate 3 fixes have spilled forth from the depths of developer Larian Studios’ ceaseless patch factory, this latest update – officially known as Hotfix #5 – remedying some previously acknowledged Minthara progression issues, as well as bringing a number of improvements specifically targeting the newly released PlayStation 5 version.

Starting with Minthara, Hotfix #5 aims to address some behind-the-scenes weirdness that was blocking certain lines of her dialogue, as well preventing player romances with the character from progressing in Act 3. There’d been some concern in the community, you might recall, that Minthara had been a victim of last-minute content cuts to meet Baldur’s Gate 3’s shifted deadline – but Larian had instead blamed her silence on a bug, promising an imminent fix, which, now here, should hopefully reinstate all missing Minthara content.


“This hotfix takes care of a bug that blocked access to some of Minthara’s lines of dialogue, including some hot takes from your companions about your decision to date the ruthless Oath of Vengeance Paladin,” Larian explains in today’s release notes. “If approval is high enough, your romance with Minthara will progress in Act 3. This unlocks several new dialogues allowing you to explore and deepen the relationship, and discover more details of Minthara’s backstory. Alongside many lines of interactive dialogue, many more non-interactive voiced lines are available with Minthara as a romantic partner.”

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Elsewhere in Hotfix #5, there are fixes addressing crashes and blockers, as well as multiplayer, UI, miscellaneous gameplay issues, and performance. There’s even – in a return to form for the game that previously bought us missing gnome pants and errant wangs – a fix to hide an unintended nipple slip when nudity filtering was enabled.

As for PlayStation 5, Hotfix #5 brings three fixes for the newly released console version of Baldur’s Gate 3: one addressing an issue causing the game’s audio to stop working, another fixing a graphical issue affecting HDR TVs when HDR black level calibration was set to 0, and, finally, a fix for a crash that would occur when opening the onscreen keyboard.

Full release notes for today’s hotfix – which follows last week’s sizeable Patch 2 – can be found on Steam. Larian has already confirmed a number of other much-requested features, including the ability to change a character’s looks mid-campaign, will soon be on the way.


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